Sherri Shepherd Speaks to Our Inner Diva and Shares Inspiration

  • Sherri Shepherd, an Emmy-winning television personality and actress, has a great passion for all things hair, especially when it comes in the form of a beautiful and stylish wig. As a woman who spends the majority of her days in front of a camera, Sherri appreciates the convenience of being able to change and experiment with her appearance on the fly. As a result, she decided to start her own wig company.

    A total of 12 wigs are included in her LUXHair Now collection, which range in lengths and styles from short pixie cuts to long and luxurious styles. We caught up with Shepherd to talk about the inspiration behind the collection, her favorite looks from the collection, wig styling tips, and other topics of interest.

    Hype Hair: Can you tell me about your inspiration for starting your own wig line?

    Sherri Shepherd: I remember being a little girl and hearing all of the commotion in my house as my mother, aunts, and grandmother went through their wig selections for the day. It was a particularly happy time for them, and it played a significant role in their daily beauty routines. For the past few years, I've watched the women in my family radiate with self-assurance as they changed up their appearance on a daily basis with the help of fake hair. My grandmother had a wig that she would pick out and match perfectly with specific hats that she collected over the years. My mother wore an Angela Davis wig that said "power to the people."

    The experience of watching these iconic women in my life match their hair lengths, styles, and colors with specific hats, outfit and personality combinations was a highlight for me. It was an event in and of itself getting ready to go out. Wigs are the ideal way for all women to express their inner diva and express themselves creatively.





    In your LuxHair Now wig collection, please tell us more about it.

    A high-fashion wig and extension collection, LuxHair Now by Sherri Shepherd is available at Salon Sherri. Always remember, you were born with the hair you have – now go out and get the hair you desire. You can easily change your hairstyle and transform your entire look to suit whatever your day has in store. With this collection, you can get the look you want, the style you want, and the perfect accent to make a personal style statement right away. I am constantly changing up my appearance and can be seen wearing my wigs on a daily basis.