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  • An aluminum alloy die casting's threaded bottom hole must be chamfered, and both ends of the through hole thread must be chamfered as well, in order to ensurealuminum alloy die casting the threads are properly threaded in place.


    In the case of the traditional tension compression tap clamps, there will be a significant difference in the drilling depth observed. This is the last thing you want to happen in this situation. When inserting a blunt tap into a hole, the amount of pressure required to begin the process increases, as does the amount of time a tap driver must compress before the tap begins to cut, both of which are undesirable. Consequently, the borehole was only a few hundred meters deep at its deepest point, and it was only a few hundred meters deep overall.

    If you're making blind holes, rigid drilling has a number of significant advantages over other methods, one of which is the ability to control the depth of the hole with pinpoint accuracy. One of the most significant advantages of rigid drilling is the fact aluminum die castings it does not require any special tools. In order to process the workpiece consistently and accurately, tap clamps with sufficient compensation for longer tap life without causing any changes in depth control are required.

    Additionally, during the drilling process, a professional lubricant is needed to effectively reduce friction between the workpiece and the screw tap, reduce wear, create a strong oil film on the workpiece surface, prevent scratching and wrinkleing on the workpiece surface, and improve both the quality of the finished product and the productivity of the operation. Through this method of application, it can help to reduce temperature rise and bite, to extend die service life, to protect tooling and equipment, to prevent the formation of black sludge, and to keep the workpiece from becoming corroded. It also has excellent cooling properties.

    While drilling, it is important to use the proper lubricant to ensurealuminum die castings the job is completed safely and efficiently. It is recommended to use a self-cleaning drilling lubricant in situations where cleaning is not required. When working with a difficult workpiece, such as a pipe, it is necessary to use pure oily drilling oil in order to make the process more efficient and effective.