One particularly interesting bug can be discovered by a player

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans were most likely enjoying the 2.0 update while going about their daily lives when they accidentally watered too close to one of their newly installed fences, causing the fence to collapse, according to the game's developer. It is not known why the fence's direction changes abruptly from one side to the other, but it does so on both sides of the fence for unknown reasons. Initially, the players posted their unusual encounter on the Reddit community's Animal Crossing: New Horizon subreddit, where they were confident that they understood how they had done by ACNH 2.0 Items that they would be able to replicate the feat themselves.

    It appears that when you water your fence, absolutely nothing happens the vast majority of the time, not even an animation for the water that drips off the side of your fencing. According to a fan who recently discovered this for whatever reason, watering a specific section of fencing can cause the structure of the wall to change. The developers' assessment is that the bug appears to affect any type of fencing, including the new fences introduced in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Update. It appears that the glitch can occur regardless of whether or not the player is using one of the fences that came with the game whenACNH Bells occurs, and that the glitch can occur with any type of fencing.

    After discovering the glitch, they made a video ofanimal crossing bells and uploaded it to the r/animalcrossing subreddit, in which they demonstrate how they were able to successfully reproduce it. Since then, the problem has been resolved. According to a few reports, users have reported that the bug occurs when a section of fencing is installed in the opposite direction of the rest of the fencing pattern. To cause the bug to manifest itself, it is necessary that the difference in fencing pattern occurs at the end of a continuous fence and that the difference in fencing pattern is also of the same fence type as the continuous fence. Additionally, it is possible that watering the last connecting point before the pattern change will result in the emergence of a bug and the end of the fence being reoriented so thatbuy bells animal crossing new horizons is in alignment with the rest of the fence. The bug, according to a subsequent comment, can also be caused by a flimsy watering can that only waters a small area, or by a more durable watering tool that can cover a larger area. Additionally, the player claims that simply re-logging the fence will not resolve the issue at hand.

    In nature, this strange bug appears to be harmless because nothing else in the immediate vicinity appears to have changed since its discovery. In contrast, neither the surrounding environment nor the game itself are harmed, nor does anything malicious occur as a result of the player's actions during the course of the game. The original poster and the commenters below the thread appear to be giving none of this any serious consideration, and this is reflected in their responses. More than a few other commenters have also reported the same bug in their games, and they have all shared their own personal experiences of encounteringACNH 2.0 Items in their games at some point in the past. Creating and uploading custom glitches to Animal Crossing: New Horizons is also possible, and this is a fun side effect of the game.

    In the wild, there appeared to be a large number of bugs introduced as part of the  2.0 update, but they all appeared to be amusing and quirky when placed in their natural habitat. When a sister's Animal Crossing island collided with another sister's island earlier this year, free ACNH items caused her to suddenly float into the roof of the house where she lived. The bug was discovered and fixed shortly after. Probably because of something that happened in the game's multiplayer mode, which is known for resulting in some amusing interactions between players, this happened.

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