Combine your dribbling mechanics with your passing mechanics in

  • We've created this NBA 2K22 Passing Guide specifically for this purpose, as it will assist you in understanding the fundamentals and some advanced passing mechanics that you can use in NBA 2K22 to gain an advantage over the weaklings who don't know what they're doing. Buy 2K22 MT Xbox Series at, we provide fast delivery and safe transactions.
    Controls are in place.
    Normal Pass – To pass, press the X key. The left stick is used to select the receiver.     Bounce Pass – To pass, press the Circle button. The left stick is used to select the receiver.     Lob Pass – To pass, press the Triangle button. The left stick is used to select the receiver.     Hold X to direct the pass to a receiver who is further away. Fake Pass – While standing or driving to the hoop, press Triangle + Circle on your keyboard. Jump Pass – While standing or driving to the hoop, press Square + X on your keyboard. Icon Pass – Press R2 and then the action button of the desired receiver to initiate the pass. Left Stick can be used to guide the receiver in any direction. Flashy Pass – To pass, double-tap the Circle button. The left stick is used to select the receiver.     Alley-oop – To pass, double-tap the Triangle button. The left stick is used to select the receiver.     Alley-oop to Self – Double-tap Triangle + move Left Stick toward the hoop to make an alley-oop to yourself.

    The lead to the basket pass is activated by pressing and holding the Triangle button. The selected receiver will then cut to the basket. Triangle must be released in order to pass. Press and hold Circle to move the selected receiver freely with the Left Stick while maintaining full control of the transmitter. Circle must be released in order to pass. Fully Receiver Control must be enabled in the Controller's settings in order to function. Touch Pass – Press the X key before the ball is delivered to the initial receiver. Select the second receiver by pressing the Left Stick. Pro Stick Pass – Press and hold R2 while moving the Right Stick in the direction of the desired pass. Give and Go – Press and hold the X key until the ball is caught by the receiver. While holding the X button, use the Left Stick to move the initial passer, then release the X button to recover possession of the ball. When there are no defenders present during baseline inbounds, the rolling inbound is called the Press Triangle.

    Here are some of the methods that you can use to improve your passing score significantly. Keep in mind that everything you learn will be used against you, so be on the lookout for the moves your opponent makes and anticipate them so that you can counter them before you lose points.

    Configuration of the controller
    Making use of the proper controller settings can make a significant difference in the manner in which you pass the ball while on the court. Set your Pass Target Profile to Custom, your Target Direction to 89, your Distance to 2, and your Openness to 20 for the best results. Because of this, you'll be able to be get NBA 22 MT, and your players will create numerous opportunities for them to have wide coverage when they take their shots. This technique will be most effective when you are either creating space close to the basket or taking open 3-point shots from distance.

    Players are being summoned to receive the ball.
    This can be accomplished by pressing L2 or LB, followed by the button of the player who you want to come in and receive the ball from the other player. This is particularly useful when you want the player to approach you and take the ball from you. It is still possible for the original passer to make a run and then receive the ball further up the field, despite the fact that this will not move you much forward on the court.

    Taking Command of the Receiver
    In order to control a player, you must first press R2/RB and then hold down the icon of the player. Move the player around the field and keep in mind that you will receive the ball as soon as you release the button that corresponds to the icon of the player that you are currently in control of. In situations where you are up against a strong defense and want to make the run yourself rather than delegating it to the AI, this move can be utilized.

    Make use of forgeries
    Fakes are an excellent method of getting the ball to your desired player. They are effective against artificial intelligence, but they are particularly effective against human players in the online modes. Make an effort to vary your passing patterns and keep players guessing as to where you will pass the ball next. Making a habit of something is not a good idea because there is a high likelihood that your opponent will figure out what you like to do and counter it.

    Dribbling and passing should be combined.
    Combine your dribbling mechanics with your passing mechanics to see how far you can get. A good player always employs a variety of techniques, and if you remain one-dimensional in your approach, you will have a difficult time trying to improve yourself in the future. Concentrate on improving both your dribbling and passing abilities, and then make sure that you use them in conjunction with one another. This will cause your opponents to become perplexed because they will have no idea what you are planning on doing next.