Here's a guide to Hellforge Rushing in Diablo II: Resurrection

  • In 1.10 and 1.11, hellforge rushing is perhaps the safest method of obtaining mid-high runes due to the fact that it does not rely on chance as much as other methods of obtaining mid-high runes, such as running the Countess or Lower Kurast. It is not, on the other hand, without its risks and pitfalls. According to the surface of the game, your goal is to transport a character to Act 4 Hell in order to complete the Hellforge quest in 1.10/1.11 and collect the runes that are dropped. In the Nightmare quest, if you successfully rush through each of the characters, you will receive the runes numbered Sol to Um from the quest, as well as the runes numbered Hel to Gul from the Hell quest if you successfully rush through each of the characters.



    Almost Unkillable Sorceress Troll Build for Diablo 2 Ressurected / D2R

    For a character to reach Act 4 Hell in order to receive the quest reward, the quickest route is through Act 3. This is accomplished by completing only those quests that are necessary to advance the characters' actions in a timely manner, often with the assistance of an experienced player, as described previously. Because getting things done more quickly was easier in 1.09, I recommend that you rush your characters in that version and then convert them to 1.10/1.11 so that you can complete the quests in that version to save time later in your journey.

    Taking the First Steps in the Method


    As a starting point, you'll need the ability to run multiple instances of d2 simultaneously on the same computer, in addition to multiple instances of d2 simultaneously on different computers. Many different methods, from fast user switching to modified DLL files, can be used to run multiple instances of d2 simultaneously. Selecting the method that best meets your needs should be your first priority. It is recommended that you use two computers if you want to play games with your characters: one dedicated to the characters who are being rushed (this computer will be used to host games, so it should have higher specifications), and another dedicated to the character who is doing the rushing. The ability to host TCP/IP games is required in order for the characters to be able to interact with one another within the same game, but I believe this should go without saying.

    In order to complete the rushes as quickly and efficiently as possible in 1.09, you'll need a strong rushing character who can perform well under pressure. The Sorceress build is my recommendation because the ability to Teleport makes things a whole lot easier in the long run. A Frost Orb build combined with Thunderstorm can be extremely effective in Classic due to the fact that Static Field has no cap in the current version. In both Nightmare and Hell, Duriel has cold immunity, which means Cold Mastery will not cause immunity to be broken, and you'll have enough points left over to boost Static Field and Teleport a little (for range and mana cost, respectively) while you're on the run. I've been doing rushes with my Sorceress on a consistent basis since she was around level 55, and because I'm only using basic equipment, it doesn't take long to get started. It should not be difficult to find a good Sorceress build in the Strategy Compendium when playing Lord of the Rings Online. Just keep in mind that you will need to complete Act 5 as well as Act 4 in order to be considered successful in your rushes when playing Lord of the Rings Online.

    The completion of quests is required.

    According to the Classic 1.09 version of the game, the following is a list of the quests that must be completed in order to progress to Act 4 Hell.

    Andariel must be killed by one of the rushed characters while in the Catacombs at level 4 in order for the kill to count against Andariel (in any of the three possible worlds: Normal, Nightmare, or Hell).

    If you want to avoid having to search for the pieces of the Horadric Staff in Nightmare and Hell later on, make sure to pick up three Horadric Staves in Normal first. Keep the Horadric Staff in one character as long as that character is not in the same party as that character who is using it to open Tal Rasha's Tomb (unpartying the character who is using the Horadric Staff to open the tomb is usually easier; they simply cannot be in the same party as each other if you want to keep the Horadric Staff). It is my suggestion that the rushing character be equipped with an Horadric Cube, which is then loaned out to other rused characters in order to facilitate the production of staves on the spot.

    There is no requirement for any of the rushed characters to be present in Tal Rasha's Tomb at the time of Duriel's death in order to complete the quest without being present in Tal Rasha's Tomb when Duriel is killed. If they speak with Tyrael, they will be able to complete the quest regardless of whether or not they are currently in Tal Rasha's Tomb. Always keep Tyrael's presence in mind when speaking to him because otherwise you will be forced to restart the game and kill Duriel from the beginning.

    For a Mephisto death to be counted in any of the three worlds (Normal, Nightmare, or Hell), one of the rushed characters must be in the Durance of Hate level 3 in order for Diablo 2 Resurrected Items to be counted.

    It is necessary that one of the rushed characters is present in the Chaos Sanctuary when Diablo dies (either in normal or nightmare mode) in order for the quest to be completed. If Diablo 2 Resurrected Items Switch dies too far away from the character who is rushing after him, the kill will not be recorded. You should keep in mind that completing this quest in Hell is not mandatory if you want to continue your journey.

    Saving time and general guidance – If the character hosting the game has the Horadric Staff, you can ask Drognan for permission to enter the palace, which will save time.

    After reaching Act 2, you will have the opportunity to speak with Drognan and persuade him that you should be granted permission to enter the palace. Getting in touch with Jerhyn and traveling to Harem level 1 will both be possible, as will creating a town portal, which will appear near Meshif and save you from having to travel a long distance. Beginning with the characters near the palace, except for the one who will open Tal Rasha's Tomb in that difficulty (or for the three characters who will receive an Horadric Staff if the difficulty is Normal), Act 2 should be started by repositioning them all near the palace. In order to avoid confusion, these characters should be relocated to the area where the Town Portals will be opened, rather than elsewhere.

    Because the Hydras are not harmed in Act 3, you will be able to open the town portal for the rushed characters who have gathered on a platform near the portal to Act 4 without endangering their lives or causing the game to stall.

    Do not be alarmed if one of your hastily created characters dies in the middle of a quest; even if the Act boss is killed before the quest is completed, the quest will still be considered completed.

    diablo 2 resurrected items for sale is possible to find the true Tomb of Tal Rasha even if you do not wish to complete the Summoner's quest. To do so, simply teleport to a specific location and search for one of the seven symbols that have gone missing (there will only be six of them floating around on the platform where the Summoner is), and that symbol will direct you in the direction of the true tomb.

    Find out which character you'll be using to host the gathering and get them ready! Important to remember is that if you exit the game with this character, you will be accompanied by all of the other characters who are currently in the game. If you exit with the hosting character after defeating , all other characters will be taken to the †congratulations' screen, which can be advantageous. However, if you exit with him while he is in Act 4 Hell while there are still characters left in Act 3, you will be forced to restart the game and kill Mephisto from the beginning of the game, which can be disastrous.

    A second person should be present to assist you when you are using two computers in the recommended configuration. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly and without glitches. Having one person manage the characters who are being rushed while another person manages the character who is not being rushed can achieve this goal quickly and effectively. The entire process has been significantly sped up and made more straightforward.

    Due to the use of a Sorceress to expedite the rushing process, it is possible that Duriel's abilities will be compromised. My observations indicate that the most effective strategy against him is to walk backwards immediately after entering his chamber until you are standing against a wall with your back to the wall. The only thing Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items will prevent him from doing is using his Charge against you. You will be able to tank him with a moderate amount of block and life by simply using healing potions, which will significantly reduce the danger that he poses to you and your party members.