IGVault Method To Level Up Accounts In League of Legends

  • You Buy LoL Account , and you’re ready to jump into some ranked games, and then you find out that you can’t play them at least not yet. In order to take part in ranked matches, you need to first reach level 30. This tip is especially important because winning games awards you significantly much more experience. And more experience = faster level up.

    Win 100% of your games

    Winning more games and completing missions when they are available will not only give you more experience points (XP) but will also help you level up faster. To increase your chances of winning more games and leveling up quickly, you should consider playing against bots. Playing with players that are going AFK due to internet connection issues and other problems can reduce your chances of winning and leveling up faster. You won’t get any XP if you go AFK before seven minutes. If you are not completing your matches, you will be getting fewer experience points, and it will take you more than a month or two to get to level 30.

    By playing against bots, you will be avoiding those awful players that quit the game early even before the seventh minute and reduce your chances of winning the game. For better results, consider picking co-op vs. beginner bots mode and try to finish your games as soon as possible. To avoid penalties, don’t make your games too fast. Make all your games last for more than 8 minutes to get more experience points.

    First win of the day

    Log in every day and you’ll get a “First win of the day” mission to complete. It’s available once you hit level 15 and rewards you with 400 bonus EXP after winning a matchmade game. This makes it well worth logging in every day even if you can’t commit to a few games, as you’ll still earn a decent amount of EXP if you manage a quick victory.

    It goes without saying that this little boost takes a day to reset, so make sure you're logging in everyday to maximise your rewards.

    Buy EXP Boosts

    A boost temporarily increases the amount of EXP you’ll earn at the end of each match. There are two kinds of boost: Duration and Win Boosts.

    Both of these Boosts can be purchased from the Riot Store using Riot Points, which you’ll have to fork out real world currency for.

    Duration Boosts offer double the base EXP earned from a game, while Win Boosts add a healthy 210 XP on top of any match you play.

    Duration Boosts last for a certain period of time, while Win Boosts will only be applied if you Win a game and only expire once you’ve won a certain amount.

    Wave clearing championsIf you’re looking to end bot games quickly ensure you pick champions with wave clear. Xerath, Ziggs, Morgana – These are all examples of champions that push the wave efficiently. Ziggs also has one of the best abilities in League of Legends which allows him to destroy towers below a certain health threshold, as you level his W ability up it will increase that threshold. This makes Ziggs an exceptional choice for ending games expediently.

    Keep an eye on the map

    It is important to have proper knowledge of the map no matter which mode you are playing. While playing a match, you should keep an eye on the map to get information about the enemies and teammates. You can place wards in the opponents’ territories to know about their movement as it can reveal those areas where you can’t see due to the fog of war.

    To become better and help your team win, you need to play as much as you can. It is only through practice that you will become a real champion that your team can depend on to win a match. Did you want to level up fast in League of Legends or Sell League of Legends Account , click https://lol.igvault.com/League-of-Legends-Accounts!