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  • It was almost as if your child was abandoned in a home with no one to take care of him. It was for the most effective. Runescape was done and your time was over OSRS Accounts. Friends that you made 6-8years ago are now six to eight years older and more mature than their friends who were in the beginning. It seems that time has gone by so fast and you didn't realize it.

    Runescape was amazing because it allowed you to live in the moment. We will always cherish this experience. Runescape is a great game for friends, colleagues and even classmates. It doesn't matter how long or often they play it the game is still enjoyable to their liking.

    Some people say that Runescape is stupid and gay, but in reality, everybody played it and loved it. It is stored in our minds as a stale container that can be opened at will. When it is opened, the memories come flooding back. You may have loved or hated Runescape however it affected the entire decade and generation of kids during the decade of 2000s. It's incredible that a game on the internet can bring such joy and happiness to so many people.

    It's beautiful in Runescape. Jagex (before the f***ing up) and the Gower brothers deserve a big applause. They've created a lasting impression on a large part of the world's population. The Newbie Melody's final 30 seconds are a farewell song to those wonderful memories OSRS Fire Cape Buy. We'll leave our childhood behind and move on.