It appears to be one of the easiest RuneScape abilities

  • For the purpose of crafting runes in various altars you'll require special tools connected to them OSRS Gold. For example, at the Air Altar you need Air Talisman or Air Tiara for crafting Air Runes and also on the Fire Altar it is Fire Talisman or Fire Tiara.

    At the beginning of the RuneCrafting process of leveling up you will need to complete Rune Mysteries quest which is required before you can begin crafting runes. Although the quest itself does not give you RC points, you can still complete the Enter The Abyss miniquest which will bring you from level 1 to 9.

    This way you skip painful beginnings of having to do water, air, and mind runes. Also, if you've been through 46 Magic, 5 Construction in addition to Five Construction, and the Grand Tree completed you can complete The Eyes of Glouphrie quest that will get you all the way to Level 23, (if Enter the Abyss is completed as well). If you're not keen to go on quests, you're going to craft Air Runes.

    If you're not done with The Eyes of Glouphrie quest at level 9, you'll be making Earth Runes which are fastest at this point. Earth Altar can be found just north-east of Varrock near the Lumberyard. To get to Level 14 you'll need to make around 8 trips. If you'd like making the journeys faster, use Varrock Teleports as well as Lumberyard Teleports. However, it may cost you a bit more.

    Once you've reached level 14 When you are at level 14, you must take your rune/pure essences and run towards the Fire Altar which is located to the north of Duel Arena Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold. Because of that, you'll need to purchase a Ring of Duelling which gives you a quick teleport to Duel Arena.