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  • The game of Ironman, Slayer is a risky proposition as some of the monsters will drop lots of gold while others give very little OSRS Gold. It's impossible to choose what task you're assigned so your best bet will be to eliminate the least profitable ones. Find out more within our Slayer guide.

    To begin making Ecumenical Keys you will need to gather them from God Wars Dungeon first. As it's not an extremely safe area to be in you will have to be extra cautious to get killed there. To reach the location, head north from the Bandit Camp. After arriving at the dungeon proceed to the south. This will take you directly right into the big room.

    From there, you must move towards the north to reach Zamorak safe spot. If you are using Mage or Ranged combat you will be able to fight Imps that live at this spot. They have Ecumenical Keys on their drop table which you'll be trying to get.

    Because everything happens in the Wilderness There are a great chance you'll be the target of players that kill. Do not give away the keys that you have obtained right away. Instead, you should get two or three keys and go to the bank to cash in your bounty. Aching in wilderness will result in them becoming gold that is then lost at death while unalched ones might remain safe from being punished with death.

    A maximum of three keys can be held at any one time, and more if you've completed a portion of your Wilderness Diary but in general farming two before banking is the most secure choice RS 2007 Accounts. An extremely simple but effective method of making money while also training Thieving skill comes via blackjacking Menaphite Thugs. By knocking them out NPCs you will be able grab several times before they wake up.