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  • In this NFL year, New York Giants running back and Nike athletics player Saquon Barkley received his own rendition of Air Trainer 3. What did it feel like to see him pay homage to you by wearing the sneakers? I gave him the shoes Mut 22 coins. It was like me saying, 'Grasshopper, it's your time to carry this torch.

    And you have to be able to carry it with ease. I'm confident that Saquon will do an excellent job of that. Saquon is a wonderful kid. He reminds me of a number of my own. Runs with power and has his head in the right direction. That's the thing that amazes me most. It's not the stats. I like the way he conducts himself.

    The only constant will remain Bo Jackson. However, when you look back on some of the NFL running backs who have followed you, which of them bring you back to your own? I can think of two players -The two I can think of are Saquon and Derrick Henry -- on the sheer strength, strength and ability to maneuver through the field and defend.

    They don't necessarily have the speed I had. However, they've succeeded in making it work for them. They're extremely effective at what they do. And that's why they're seen as being among the best running backs today. When you look back at your professional career, what's the most memorable performance you've played that you feel could've come out of video games?

    The one that nobody talks about other than Denver Broncos fans is when we traveled to Denver and I went through their defense like a hot knife through butter. Not boasting, but an actual fact due to the size that I was at the time and how I was in the basement of college learning in running with my pad. Which means you would never find me upright buy mut coins, without pads unless there was someone 5 or 6 yards ahead of me trying to chase me.