Old School RuneScape: How to Make RS Gold

  • Making a new account on Old School Runescape can often feel like an uphill climb at first. It can seem hard to create the base needed to do many things throughout the game. While this may be a welcomed challenge for many players, most players want to get through these early stages as quickly as possible. This guide will show players a few of the ways to make money when first starting out on their journey through Old School Runescape.

    Rune Running

    This isn't just about finding and obtaining runes. It's a service that you can provide to players who are too busy or too rich to do tasks as menial as collecting runes. One of the reasons that the price is high for this kind of simple service is that to farm rune or pure essence often requires a player to travel a long way to a high level and often dangerous area. Check out the "Runes and Ammo" section of the RuneScape forums to find other players that are willing to pay you for your time and trouble.

    Be Efficient

    This chapter relates to the previous one, however, there’s a twist. A thing that many people do is make an alternative account (alt for short). Alts can be used for many different things, the most popular being skilling or doing an AFK money making method/XP grind. When you’re doing something on your main character which does not require your undivided attention, make sure to log into a second account and use it too! Some people even go to Raids with their main and 4 of their alts to claim the most rewards available!

    Another very important thing is to focus on one thing. As mentioned before, the higher your skill is, the more money you can make. It’s better to have one skill leveled to 99, than have 5 at 60. Also, keep in mind how much time you are spending getting from A to B. You don’t want to be running around making no money. If you got to a good spot, spend there some time, don’t be doing one thing for 15 minutes, then another for 20, instead do one thing for an hour or so.


    Skilling is another way by while you can get OSRS gold. There are various skills, including Mining, Woodcutting, etc. available in OSRS, which contain varying leveling range.

    You can earn some amount of Gold by increasing the level of such skills. Mining, Fishing, and Woodcutting are three of the most regularly utilized skills by players to earn more Gold in OSRS. Each of the skills gives some resources which a player can trade on the Grand Exchange.

    The greater amount of resources means higher are your chances of making a significant amount of money in OSRS. There are many skills available, and each skill demanding different time to learn.

    So you can go for the skills that are easy to learn and gives more gold. For example, the Latter is a skill that you might learn rapidly. It helps in unlocking different money-making techniques.


    There are a number of items that you can mine that will be very profitable to you. For example, you could go about your business with Runite Ore if you want to make a reasonable amount of OSRS gold, clocking in at 450K per hour. However, the prices do tend to go up and down. You are better off focusing on Volcanic Ash for 460K per hour, or Gemstone at 500K per hour.


    This is a moneymaking skill that you may have overlooked. In fact, you can make over 1M OSRS gold every day simply by farming herbs. Not only that but after reaching level 62 Farming, you can also plant Snapdragon herbs. These are very profitable and will be a great way for you to gain riches from the Farming skill.


    This is probably the most unpredictable skill in terms of how much gold you can make from it on an hourly basis. You are looking at making anywhere between 100K to 500K per hour, but it ultimately depends on the most profitable herbs and how much they are fluctuating. With that being said, you are going to have to keep an eye out on the prices at the Grand Exchange to decide which aspect of this skill is your best option.

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