Derrick Henry snubbed from top RB rating on Madden NFL 22

  • This is the second Madden cover to ever feature dual athletes. The first cover was for Madden 10"and Madden 22 coins it featured Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald, both stars in the previous Super Bowl. Again we see two stars from the previous Super Bowl, but we also see two cover athletes this is the first time in Madden history that we've seen this. Tom Brady first made the cover in Madden 18 and Patrick Mahomes made the cover just a couple of years ago on Madden 20.

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    Hello, we're EA Sports. We'd love to have an interview. We'd love to have a chat and talk with Derrick Henry, who was rated 95 by Madden NFL 22. On behalf of everyone Tennessee Titans fan, we have a bone to offer you.

    Christian McCaffrey, a rival running back on the Panthers, wins most coveted running back accolades. He is rated 97 rating which is ridiculous considering his injury-plagued 2020 campaign. CMC was only in three games last season, and even though he managed to rack up 225 rushing yards and scored five touchdowns total It was only three games. Talk about a tiny test size.

    Henry started 16 of 16 games. He also was the league's top rushing attempt (378) and yards in rushing (2,027) and touchdowns (17) as well as touches (397) and yards from the scrimmage (2,141). There is no running back in the league has dominated like Henry over the past two years, CMC included. Even in his greatest seasons, McCaffrey had fewer total yards, fewer yards for each run, and buy Madden nfl 22 coins had fewer touchdowns than Derrick Henry did in 2020. Henry is the most likely winning the rushing crown the following season.