You've stored Runescape on multiple accounts

  • The Ultra Soul Armor provides you with RuneScape gold a black dragon in actual world, but it's more or less simply for show, for it's just like your normal attack in damage and your dragon flame is similar to a normal assault. THE ARMOR The stats aren't that good as to the fact as they're only for show and the mini game, They don't offer any stat benefits at all, and if you attempt to use normal armor in the normal world you receive a message which says"Sorry, you can not use this at the real world". As for exactly what the armor resembles, it's just a vest with Dragon wings on it. The ash knight armor every part provides you - 1000 in each stat (yep, they're that bad) They have a greyish appearance, not iron grey, more milder then that.

    The story: You board your boat, mystery and miracle awaits you. You drift on the island and find the dreaded trap door. The monk warns you, despite his words you input. A 18 that a 17 and another zombie down, you receive the remains of the drop and ramble through to find large demons ready for war. As you sprint through you visit your goal. You visit chop and bam! The guardian approaches. You swing your useful bit of bronze in her untill the soul is dead. You chop the tree only to find relief and quite a rare branch.

    Yes im speaking none other than the quest: The Lost City. The point of idea isn't to change anything to the quest itself however, the dramen staff seems. The stats should stay the same but the staff ought to have a mystical appearance, possibly even a few tiny fairies obiting the point of the staff. The present staff well it resembles a normal staff, when a person doesnt believe you'v done lost city at level 3 you have to home tele and operate all the way to zanaris simply to prove a point then be asked for some help by a lvl 94 later ( trust me its happened before). So thats my thought, plain and simple. Just give us something to establish what we worked for. Thanks for your time and post your opinions on the topic.

    Summary: You've stored Runescape on multiple accounts and you've completed a lot of tasks. Now it is time for the hardest quest of your Runescape life. In this quest you will fight two from the three of those gods disciples (what disciples you fight depends on the god you choose to team with)

    Ability to conquer two some-what hard lvl 270 God disciples. Quest Points Rewarded: 5 (yes it is that long and challenging ).After going through that challenging thing, you will be teleported into Falador, together with"Jimmy's bicycle". It cannot be dropped, but instead ruined. It will break apart the afternoon that the event ends, so dont think about keeping it! Walk around a little bit watching to your event icon in the minimap. You'll find new folks at the icons. Speak to them and convince them to give you the gifts. Lexus Motor-Jack's disk of buy RS gold bronze (Unobtainable)-White knights castle, first floor. Harlie Ashtonton-Cyrus's DvD -Shield store, first floor. Michael Jackston-Josh's underwear -East lender, first floor (Duh)