RuneScape - This is an extremely profitable method

  • This is a great alternative for OSRS gold people who don't want to do three tick mining in the Granite Quarry. With this minigame, gamers can gain a lot of exp. To play, you need to attain 150 Kudos for Varrock museum as well as Bone Voyage quest completed. You can find it underneath Fossil Island dungeon and if you're hoping to get the most gaming experience, we would advise to read guides since it is not such an easy mini-game.

    After reaching level 40, you are able to travel to Shilo Village where in the north-west part you'll see Gem Rock. It is possible to mine them to extract different Gemstones from them. This is an extremely profitable method since Red Topaz is rather expensive. When mining for gems, you can expect to earn approximately 300k plus profit per hour. Make sure to wear an Amulet of Glory while mining Gemstones increases your chance to receive them.

    At level 75 , Mining with 100% favorability in Lavakengj you can join Blast Mine. This is an excellent way to earn money because it allows you to mine ores 10 levels under the normal requirements. At level 75 Mining it is possible to obtain Runite ore, which can fetch quite a bit. This makes Blast Mine amazing method to generate both gold and experience. When you reach the age of 85, which is the norm for mining Runite you could simply make that decision for better gain in gold as well as less rate of experience.

    Once you've reached level 92 you are able to begin mining Amethyst. Be aware that mining guild level bonus won't let you mine these stones earlier , however Dragon Pickaxe will. While it's not a fantastic way to earn experience, it can yield some nice money from it.

    We hope this 1-99 Mining Guide was useful for you. More tips as well as guides to skill-training guides to other OSRS skills like Ranged Magic Construction, Prayer Crafting, Hitpoints and buy RuneScape gold more in our Oldschool Runescape Skills Guide!