Madden 22 soundtrack: Stream all tracks including J. Cole

  • It's true that I'm a bit off early on this season. I'm always a day or two behind with Madden 22 coins my writing and feel like I'm in a sea of sand. (Yes, like in Super Mario 3.) While I was posting my Jaelan Phillips post to Twitter dot com this afternoon, A friend and other Dolphins fan mentioned something that immediately excited me.

    It was discovered the other day that Tua Tagovailoa's overall rating has decreased. As you can imagine, I was confused, bewildered and even hoodwinked. How can they let Tua's Madden 22 rating after such an amazing performance at Gilette Stadium.

    In all seriousness I was dumb because I'm used to these things. I always have a tweet with fancy visuals waiting for Twitter. We don't want anyone's ratings to drop in an online game! Yet, it seems odd dropping a player's Madden rating following a impressive performance against one of the top defensive teams in football. You have to reduce his perception, which is impressive in the offensive line. Let's take a look at the most significant changes in the Miami Dolphins roster since Madden's Week 2 roster update.

    Madden 22 soundtrack: Stream all tracks including J. Cole, Jack Harlow and more. EA Sports' Madden NFL franchise has been home of one of the most anticipated and played soundtracks for video games. Since 2003 the game has showcased some of the biggest hitters in music, with some new releases making appearances from soundtracks that have been around for a while, and old tracks have also found a place to your ears.

    Blink-182, Kanye West, J. Cole and Bon Jovi are just a few of the names that have been featured on soundtracks in the ago, but this year, EA Sports is doing the same thing, but with a lot more. Much like "Madden 21" this year's soundtrack includes 11 made-for-"Madden" tracks featuring Jack Harlow, JID, Morray and cheap Mut 22 coins many more.