Madden 21: How To Get Crown Tokens

  • Crown Tokens are a new type of currency introduced into Madden 21 and MUT this season. What makes them so different is that they can not be earned in-game or inside of MUT. So you need to know how to get Crown Tokens in Madden 21.

    When players first logged in to Madden 21 and received their Derwin James vs. The World Welcome Pack, they will earn one free Crown Token.

    After that, players will not be able to earn Crown Tokens from playing Madden 21 or MUT. Instead, You need to tune in for two hours every Tuesday at 8 PM ET on Twitch and get a crown token. First, make sure your Madden and Twitch accounts are linked.

    You should eventually be gifted the Crown Token that you can trade in to get four players. All these players are pretty strong, so you would want to collect these.

    The players you can get are: Keenan Allen, Jalen Ramsey, Nick Chubb, and Derwin James Jr. The first three are 90 OVR and cost 5 Crown Tokens to acquire, while Derwin costs all of the tokens. Be careful if you want to get Derwin because you’ll need to save each crown token you get.

    That’s all you need to know for getting Crown Tokens in Madden 21 and what they are used for. For more on the game, check out our guide. Also, here you can obtain the cheapest mut 21 coins. Simultaneously, 100% safe. With these coins, you will become the legendary player and dominate the game!