Path of Exile 3.17 update time changes

  • Path of Exile: Scourge was released in October 2021, along with the game’s 3.16 update. However, if some players don’t like the changes introduced by Scourge League, don’t worry, as the next big game update is just around the corner. During this period, players can prepare enough POE Currency to better adapt themselves to the game.

    As of this writing, Grinding Gear Games has not provided a specific release date for the Path of Exile 3.17 update. However, they gave a rough plan for when the next major game update will be expected. More information players can check on the official POE Currency. But now all the players can know is here.

    As 2021 comes to a close, they want players to know what to expect with the next big Path of Exile expansion in early 2022. The developers are currently expecting the 3.17 extension to roll out in early February. That means the Scourge League will run for at least two weeks. If players want to take the Scourge to the next level, they can hurry and buy POE Orbs and hone themselves in the game. They say they will confirm the exact date soon, but what players can know so far is that it will delay their usual schedule by at least two weeks.

    The developers wanted to give their staff the freedom and flexibility to take a break from their New Zealand summer break to recharge for the coming year. Once their team is back to work, they will start working on an exact date and let you know. Now that it’s 2022, Grinding Gear Games has given fans some more details about the release of PoE 3.17. Unfortunately for Scourge lovers, this is bad news. For players who want to experience more fun in the new league, they can POE Currency Buy in advance.