I chose not to join after further study

  • Although I understand that EQ2 may not be the most popular MMO like aion classic kinah WoW is and never been, I get the same vibes coming from the WoW community. I also think that Asmon's attitude towards classic and live indicates that the two games may be on the exact same track. Classic could be becoming an TLE which starts out great and everyone is buzzed about nostalgia, but then the excitement fades when people realize that there's not the same vibe that they used to have.

    If there's a further example of how TLEs affect an existing player base you can look at Archage's mere attempts to do so, and now even Aion is attempting to revive players who enjoyed the original vanilla of the game.

    It will be fascinating to find out the way Classic differs from the TLEs for Everquest or the releases of Archage, Aion. However it has been proven in the past that TLEs inEQ2 quickly die and there is less excitement for expansions. This is why Classic is not a game for the most dedicated players.

    Additionally, DayBreak, the company in charge of EQ2 does not really care about the player base much as Blizzard does to WoW (aka micro transactions, p2w mechanics etc) And they're making use of it as a cash cow to maintain afloat and more than just a means to draw old players or attract new players to the game that is currently plagued with problems on live and plagued with numbers and mechanic bloat.

    It's hard to say what the maximum is, but I'm on the Siel server on Aion Classic and it's super full day and night (I'm NA East). It's very enjoyable and is a thriving community by EU as well as NA players. I would suggest joining us. :

    I chose not to join after further study, due to the company behind Aion. It's not going to be enjoyable to keep track of my progress as im not a whale and even before i could dream in doing that , the outcome is going to end in death, most likely.

    Asmodians also cause grief to the Elyos often in Heiron Some go as far as to rob those farming Aether above the gate...Some gank you when you are half health from mobs that are pve, or when you're fighting an enemy. If you have an advantage, why wouldn't consider taking advantage of it.

    Retail was literally turned into a different game. What euro aion classic buy kinah you played when you were was a kid has not changed but I wouldn't recommend it. I've gone over the major distinctions in my post history If you're interested in knowing what happened or changed.