There are four positions on the Face of the Franchise.

  • Madden 22 has been focusing a lot of its announcements on the Madden nfl 22 coins new Franchise mode. It's likely due to good cause considering the criticism EA got last year for the game. But Madden 22 has other modes that are also available, like Face of the Franchise, which is a narrative-driven, RPG-style mode that lets you explore your career as a professional athlete.

    Madden 22 brings some new features to Face of the Franchise: United We Rise -- including a new position in which to play, but most importantly, it adds to and strengthens the features that are already in place.

    You'll be an elite prospect for 2021's NFL Draft. You will practice at Nike Headquarters with other NFL players and be involved in activities that could impact your draft status, such as the College Football Playoff and interviews with NFL teams. While these aren't necessarily brand new to the scene but they're presented in a manner in which you'll be required to make choices that may affect your professional career long-term.

    In some instances, you'll be required to make choices that could impact your draft status, including having to choose between a Hawai'ian-sponsored charity match or the Nike-sponsored exhibition match in New York City. Your choice will lead to an entirely different experience. you'll be awarded with various opportunities and rewards.

    Face of the Franchise has added the Class Progression System. This is a more efficient way to customize your player.

    There are four positions on the Face of the Franchise. These are QB, WR and HB. Then, for the first-ever time Linebacker, also known as a defensive position. Each position is linked to several Classes. When you move up in your Class, you will unlock three Superstar Abilities as well as one X-Factor ability. As you progress throughout your career, you'll have the option to equip Superstar and X-Factor Skills you've gained in other classes, provided you've succeeded in unlocking them, allowing you mix and match for complete customization.

    Season Engine will give you some purpose and introduce weekly stories that provide new gaming moments and problems. The challenges presented will vary according to how you and your team do throughout the season. There are at least a dozen different scenarios that are triggered by your position, team , and your weekly performance. In addition to your performance, there are 70+ Podcast episodes that feature interviews and opinions with story beats based on your experience. It's reminiscent of the narrative podcasts introduced by MLB The Show 21 this season.

    There are also other activities to further customize your player. Every week buy Madden 22 coins there will be three opportunities to earn a distinct buff or reward. They will provide short term temporary ratings buffs or longer-term improvement through smaller but permanent buffs. You can also earn CRED and REP.