What does a good pc mean? What resolution do you use?

  • After changing my settings, however but I could not stop WOW TBC Gold seeing some flickering. Although I thought that it was due to my GPU however a portion of me was convinced that it was the problem. In other games where my GPU was being stretched over its limits, I'd have no problems. It's time to upgrade my GPU, so I'll need another. (I thought about doing my GPU upgrade this yet but , well ...) I'm a bit sceptical). that the GPU is in good shape as there are no hardware issues.

    The reason I am unsure is that my problem is due to the reality that my version Windows 10 does not have the most current DWM, Desktop Window Manager or refresh rate code. This means that when I play WoW on my primary monitor needed to bring its rate up to the rate that my GPU could do, which was typically not the 144 FPS it was, it would eventually encounter an issue. My second monitor was in good shape however it was set to 144hz. The DWM would produce flickering, and eventually drop the frames on my primary screen.

    Prior to this, I was running my primary at 144hz with my second one running at 60hz. I didn't know about it, because DWM did not know that it set both frame rates at 60. There was still flickering at times but I noticed that any fix that solved it would eventually result in my in-game FPS dropping to 60.

    One of the ways I was able to replicate my flicker was in crafting. Even with 0 mods active when I would turn leather scraps into leather for instance I would get a slight flicker upon completion. Then I have all the mods up and running, that I normally use with no issues.

    What does a good pc mean? What resolution do you use? Are you using gsync or freesync Are you aware of the maximum frame rate that your monitor can support? What is the refresh rate on your monitor? It's possible that the issue is in your computer. How much is your GPU taking up while you play? What is the single core that will amaze you with the power of your CPU when playing?

    I was having issues in raid a couple weeks back for a couple of weeks consecutively as I was testing addons , both on and off. The issue was resolved by turning off Details streaming (I believe that's what it was called, I'm not at my computer right now) Perhaps try it to see if you can also use details.

    If you are using Rivatuner try to disable it. My experience was that it caused the game to freeze instead of stabbing, but you don't would know. Although I'm now using the FPS cap in game, I still occasionally experience cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold some stuttering. I suspect that it is due to additional add-ons. It's more prevalent when I have several clients since it's happening each 10-20 second.