The human is infused with the vampire blood, and through

  • Vampire becomes Vampyre: A Vampire devours blood of OSRS gold humans, to the point that it is unable to digest it all. It rests in the woods. When it's asleep its cells absorb all the blood, DNA and other elements. The hybridization starts the transformation of the vampire into the vampyre juvinile. This gives the vampire a higher intelligence, new powers and a human-like appearance. As it gets stronger and consumes more blood of humans It transforms to the Juvinate and then the Vyrewatch and the subsequent phases.

    However, it must keep drinking human blood. It is essential for its metamorphosis to continue. However, if it ceases to drink blood from humans (as as opposed to, for instance blood from cows) and then it transforms back to a vampire. This could result in it losing all of their powers and possibly even its intelligence. Vampyres do not consume larger animals as it could provide them with more food. They don't believe it is morally unethical however they must keep their powers.

    This is the normal intended life-cycle of vampires. Vampires are bred to consume human blood and then make use of the blood for metamorphosis. But, this method is completely non-natural.

    Human becomes Vampyre: The same way that vampires absorb human blood, so too one can become a vampire by absorbing vampire blood. When a human in Myerditch is nearly dead due to blood loss and is transported into an underground room. They are later put on a bed with IVs containing vampire blood.

    The human is infused with the vampire blood, and through magic the human's body absorbs the DNA. A vampyre soul is created in the human and they are then completely possessed. While vampires might have similar experiences when they become vampyres they are able to beat the human soul.

    Or humans accept their fate. There is no soul incarnation required. I imagined Sigmund becoming a vampire in the manor. It would be completely out of character, and he would have been killed in Chosen Commander. It will take a good deal of deux ex machinas for these series to meet the ...*).

    Vampyres are more likely utilize human blood than cheap RS gold other animals in order to expand their populations. Human-born vampyres have to still consume human blood to avoid becoming vampires. The theory rests on a strong suspicion that I am right. However, it was fun to create. What do YOU think?