I adore Hades but it's also lacking something

  • Well, what you're missing is these weapons really have different manners that totally changes how you utilize them. IMO, Hades has probably the greatest weapons systems there's, every single weapon changes the New Horizons Items game completely, then has configurations from there to change it even farther.

    The 6 weapons do offer a lot of gameplay variety particularly when you factor in the different weapon types, boons, companions and keepsakes but it takes waaaaay so long to observe everything as a player. The hidden forms change all the weapons radically, but it takes way to long to get them. The enemies shifting over time and bosses changing when you trigger certain Heat choices also adds number but most people won't see that stuff until they dump many hours into the game.

    Hell I only have 1 companion unlocked and that I essentially have nothing left to do in the game apart from grind for nectar to unlock the last narrative bit and heat levels. I love the game and feel it deserves GOTY but your feeling is totally affordable.

    I adore Hades but it's also lacking something which makes it super compelling, I really don't believe I will ever get the 500 hours I have in Binding of Isaac with Hades, it's missing that drive for a few reason. Still a great and fun game, though they don't know too much about Greek Mythology and earn a lot of changes to match their narrative.

    Yeah same, I never escaped and I'm sure some people will say I didn't give it a fair chance or I want to acquire good, but games like Dead Cells made me want to keep looking over and over with various firearms and setups and that I found that sport insanely fun and addicting, for Hades it did not actually make me wish to keep trying .

    Stardew Valley is a love letter to the older Harvest Moon games that went on to best the equation and improve on it so much that it's effectively made people forget about Harvest Moon as a series, while developing a whole indy market for buy Animal Crossing Items game devs which are attempting to emulate Stardew.