And that I don't care about the AC stuff.

  • I do not even know whether that's a good reason Nintendo would not Animal Crossing Items wish to bring New Leaf to Change. I don't remember people here saying Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy were just"another port." Nintendo ports are treated differently since there are so few.

    Aside from the bad graphics, I think New Leaf is only a more comforting and private experience overall in comparison. NH seemed to concentrate more on seasonal and crafting events/updates versus life sim components and deep interesting dialogue that builds character, which I miss from New Leaf. They can release 500 more things in NH, but it does not fill the void left by uninspired social interactions.

    How many mainline Zelda vents do we have? Nintendo is quite cautious about releasing 1st party ports for some reason, even the Mario vents had a limited time purchase window, even for no reason at all. When a console is brand new, ports are a necessary crutch, but it is not new anymore, it has been over 3 years.

    My point was that the 3 Mario ports had great gameplay, but they did not outshine the newest iteration, Mario Odyssey, and all games still look great in their own way.

    In the instance of Animal Crossing, New Leaf makes New Horizons seem like a worse match because attributes were stripped and gradually distrbuted in updates over years.

    If New Horizons is the sole AC game you've played (That is true for many, according to the subreddit boom because COVID), and in the event that you suddenly got to experience New Leaf on Change, you'd be shocked to find the game has more developed features than the present iteration.

    Dude, there's literally Mario Kart 8DX, Mario 3D World and other things outside of only the time introduced games (they did on the wii/ds, they only do it on anniversary branded titles) and a lot of ports out there. It's not because it isn't in franchises you need that ports do not exist. There's 15 vents, with 10 being from wii u. And also a lot whine of it and even act as they are more than new games.

    And that I don't care about the AC stuff. I stopped playing it last year. It was good while it lasted. I just was talking about the port and how people in here see ports.

    Hey I don't deny that, I just hate it this is the way the game has been handled. Had I understood this was how it had been gon na na be, and I would need to wait years before we even got Nintendo brand items in game, I definitely would have skipped this match. I used my very last coupon on it and I regret it. Pokemon Sword and buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items this AC game also have instructed me not to preorder any sport ever again.