How many mainline Zelda ports do we now have?

  • I'm a huge fan of New Horizons. I have been playing Animal Crossing since the Animal Crossing Items first game and I think that entry is far and beyond the best one in this series.

    But as of a few months ago, I am majorly losing interest, and I need more information, and the updates seem to be getting smaller and smaller. I don't even have high expectations--hair designs, more useful furniture (as opposed to super-niche holiday things ), much more harvestable crops, more hair designs, more buildings (cafe, police station), more hair styles, gyroids, more hair designs, etc..

    Yeah I mean that I wouldn't mind paying to get a substantial content update honestly. Here is the first AC game at which I really completed the entirety of this museum and I can not say I have anything left to do.

    This game cost me £50 for a game with minimal content when compared to previous games, with the exception of island decorating, which stops being fun after a while since I do not wish to rearrange my island constantly. There is no way I'd cover any content that is more, it should be free DLC!

    Here is actually the initial Animal Crossing game I've ever felt as though I'm just entirely out of things to do. Not one of the villagers have anything fresh to say, and I haven't seen any brand new items (aside from seasonal items) in weeks.

    Bring back the previous NPCs, reunite Gyroids, bring back the old post office and mailing program, and deliver back store upgrades and additional shops. These were core facets of earlier games. Why leave them out or wait for this long to bring them back?

    I do not even know if that's a fantastic reason Nintendo would not wish to bring New Leaf to Change. I don't recall people here saying Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy were simply"another port" Nintendo vents are treated differently since there are so few.

    Besides the bad images, I think New Leaf is just a more comforting and private experience overall in comparison. NH appeared to concentrate more on crafting and seasonal events/updates versus life sim elements and deep interesting dialogue that builds character, which I miss from New Leaf. They can release 500 more things in NH, but it does not fill the void left by uninspired social interactions.

    How many mainline Zelda ports do we now have? How about Metroid? Nintendo is very careful about releasing 1st party ports for some reason, even the Mario ports had a limited time purchase window, for buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items no reason at all. When a computer keyboard is brand-new, ports are a essential crutch, except it's not new anymore, it has been over 3 decades.