Nintendo understands which demographic they want to appeal

  • Being angry about things that don't exist seems really tiring and Animal Crossing Items sad to me. Why not people only play games they like? I'll never have the time and cash to perform with all the excellent games available. I simply don't understand why being angry is indeed important to a people. If you don't like something, do not think about it. Stop caring. Put the energy into things you do like.

    From 1 standpoint, yes. Nintendo understands which demographic they want to appeal to and know how to do it successfully. What is wrong with this?

    Again, I think Nintendo could be doing so many things to make themselves better, but I'm not losing sleep with it. I'm not really in their demographic anymore and will perform the few games they release that do seem interesting to me personally.

    I personally think it was a bad idea for Nintendo to make another splatoon match for the change because they already had splatoon two and this game had a pretty big community and participant base and that I also was a bit disappointed that we didn't get anything ably BOTW 2 but at least we got a Zelda game for this season

    Does anyone else feel as though. . .they kind of want a new Zelda that isn't a sequel to BOTW? Like when it had been 2 years after BOTW it felt new and fresh. I was excited to explore this universe longer.

    But now I just kind of feel like that I want a completely new Zelda story and to explore a different part of the timeline. If they're taking the same quantity of time to make this match than they do to make a brand-new setup...I kind of would rather have a brand-new installment?

    Idk I'm not trying to be unwanted. I'm still SUPER stoked about BOTW2 and that I still want it. I just feel as after being with that game for 4 years now, I'm kind ready for an awesome new Hyrule experience and a fresh Connect!

    Unless this is the start of a new Zelda era and all Zelda games for the foreseeable future are going to be sequels to BOTW.

    Edit: why the downvotes, I am not trying to buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells be unwanted. I am still stoked. It has just been so long since the new Zelda already that I'm already itching for something completely new.