I do not beg na use my dragon armour or whip thus do u all beli

  • There is really no forecast for phats, plus they trade SO slow they dont even get traded so... Lots of profits made today, hopefully same thing happens tomorrow!!! So I can get wealthy off my 1 uncommon (not phat) lol. That RS gold is such as school. The afk technique. Around 25k+ exp an hournice and affordable, you do not have to concentrate much. Soul wars is simply good for level 85+ stats to get decent exp prices. Any bolts under steel because of price. Any knives under iron is economical. Or steel darts (Surprisingly great ). Kebbit bolts, inexpensive ones. Weapons- I say when I was training my scope on and off with these approaches (I trained many with sacred clay+cannon [such as 600k exp an hour easily 1exp to 4gp loss LOL, that's why I had spare sc pts]) I would definitely reccomend steel darts or a hunterscrossbow (quick ) They are inexpensive to use and efficient exp. Steel darts and the hunters rammed in round the same exp at high levels 40k+, darts sometimes slightly greater.

    MSB using mithril arrows, I took in damage more - wasn't worthwhile. Bronze knives, yes a lot of people suggest them, but they really are worse afterward seekers crossbow, or the steel darts due to precision. Crossbow, with wide bolts this may be a nice thing + spirit wars, but you want to aim for low levels who have LOW defence // heaps of exp, might want zanicks crossbow(exp from crossbow alone is TOO slow). Chinning, in spirit wars chinning the low levels is great at basically some level, but expensive if you don't have mounds of sacred clay pts.

    My method is mostly afk, no demand for focus. Ofcourse you may get +2-4k exp per hour someplace else manually assaulting, say yaks. It is not worth it in my view. Great afk spots. Spiders from the security stronghold - EPIC, no attention needed I reckon xD. Bandits, only for melee - that they do harm a lot so... maybe pass. DaggonathsI cannoned and ranged at the exact same time for 600k exp an hour (sc) that they do harm you quite a little in case you have low defence, so you'll be needing to pay attention. Hope I helped, and I hope other people with scope help read this because I probably will never type this again.

    I do not beg na use my dragon armour or whip thus do u all believe that this armour (below) would be ok for doing the whole quest which includes killing that beasty Jungle Demon: Helmet: Initiate Sallet, Necklace: Glory. Plus how many blood, fire and air runes would need to kill the Jungle Demon?

    I haven't been on in a good 4 weeks and I guess im only getting bored in my free time. Anyways I was never able to become a part before my parents would never let me, but today im 18 with my bank account and card so they cant stop me muahahaha. (dont judge me I know im old live with it) Anyways I have no idea what it's like to be a part, my primary focuses will be NON SKILLS I'm anything but a skiller, exactly what I need to know is excellent training spots for range, good things to purchase etc.. My account was hacked at the cheap RuneScape gold four months I had been absent in the game, now I only have a measley 500k instead of my previous 30mill so I need to know how to make good money whilst training, or if becoming a member yet is even worthwhile idk. What do you think guys.