I'm an older Eve Online vet

  • If fine dude, it is still possible to eve echoes isk afk autopilot. Nothing has changed if you don't live in Null.Old EO player here with lots of nullsec PvP experience...and I also don't want EE to become EO...I began EE due to how different it was in the first place.. If it becomes the same mind numbing"watch display for 100 years or perish" then I'm not minding my omega for cash.Nobody needs this in a cell game and very few people have that time to invest anyway.

    A compromise might have been created that makes everyone happy...but that the Devs decided to go full on EO and that is just bs for a phone game. I'm an older Eve Online vet. Enters Echoes. A simplified EVE experience, playable in tiny bursts, with some of the depth of EVE, but not one of the annoyances? Well, I was certainly intrigued! Unfortunately, the dream is over. For some reason Netease thinks it is a good idea to flip it to EVE ONLINE however on mobile phones. Perhaps it will work well for them. It surely will not for me.

    Warp drive...active! Destination: somewhere else.I like how most of the elderly EO players are as much against this since the rest of these men. They simply continually keep blaming us with this change, like we made it or even requested for it.You're goddamn right. I don't want EO 2.0, I need mobile, may have some short pleasure with it, EVE.Same sick just go back to Online, and hault my lap top around for cellular play when I'm in work.Time to fire up the Chromebook...

    FWIW, EVE can simply be downloaded on one of my Chromebooks (Pixel Slate) and not two others.Not it things for Geforce Now, unless they're skipping some Chromebooks for different reasons...I played with EO consistently for about 8 years, and on-and-off sporadically for the following 3. I have got capital boats, I have billions of isk, I have hit trillions before but lost the drive to push hard as I gained more irl responsibilities (needing to cover a mortgage is a bitch let me inform you, I miss my carefree years). I love EO for many reasons, I do not return to it to get just as many reasons, but the most important reason is that it is such a time commitment to do anything meaningful.

    Then came EVE, also it offered what I needed. Casual EVE. I'm not a carebear by any way, I've done my time in large, low, null, sov, WH, all of it. I have been in nigh-endless wars which never seem to actually change front lines that far, I have been the winner, so I've been the failure, I've had huge gains, I've gotten a freighter popped. EVE is enjoyable in so many facets, and some of my finest memories still revolve around blopdrops, sitting round orbiting a blop for seven hours only to have two moments of popping throughout the Cyno to get a twenty second battle and running away to regroup. To a lot of people, that is lots of buy EVE Mobile ISK wasted time, I did not even get loot.