Path of Exile: Many changes in Scourge

  • Path of Exile: Scourge is full of gameplay adjustments, comfort updates and new features, and many places are full of highlights.

    New league mechanism: After having a blood mark, players can kill monsters to accumulate blood. Once the seal is full, players can activate it and switch to Wraeclast, where the demon’s doom is raging. The longer players stay there, the greater the risk they face, and the more POE Currency and other rewards they will receive.

    Use blood marks to transform items: Players can install a piece of equipment in a unique natural disaster blood mark and equip it with additional effects through Build. These may be good for the player, or they may be useless. Players can buy POE Currency to upgrade the blood mark, so that more blood mark slots can be unlocked, and then even unique items can be converted.

    New skill gems: Not only four new attack skill gems, but also three new Link gems. These are designed for party games and connect two players together to get bonuses. For example, the player will automatically intercept the damage caused to him by the opponent, or provide auxiliary gems for his attack. If the partner the player connects to dies, the player will die with it. Therefore, it is very necessary for players to buy POE Currency to enhance themselves and their partners.

    Optimized world atlas: The atlas will only contain four regions instead of eight. This makes it easier to complete the atlas because players only need 16 guardian stones instead of 32. The number of cards has also been reduced to 100. On average, if the player fully unlocks the atlas, the system will give them more Path of Exile Currency as a reward.