Patch zero.12.Nine is out now for Escape from Tarkov

  • Patch zero.12.Nine is out now for Escape from Tarkov, and it brings with it a transformEFT Roubles  the Woods map, new stats for ammunition, and a few new guns. Perhaps most significantly, it’s also a wipe – that means all man or woman and quest progression, in addition to all the gear and in-sport money players have gathered, gets reset to 0.

    This has established controversial in the Tarkov network, because the 12.9 patch wasn’t to begin with predicted to encompass a wipe. However, Battlestate Games network supervisor Tobias Solem says that it was a important step for the patch given the adjustments the patch makes no longer most effective to the game’s financial system, however to its returned-stop.

    The new Streets of Tarkov map isn’t in 12.9, and Solem explains that wasn’t viable to include this “maximum bold map in the sport” this time round because of a aggregate of factors that includes an increasing playerbase, anti-cheat requirements, and the impact of COVID-19 on development. Players can anticipate Streets of Tarkov in patch 0.Thirteen in 2021.