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  • I don’t like the way the wilderness will be either one-on-one combat or multicombat. The skilled players will be able to go to single, leaving the multicombat worlds empty, with the exception of some large clans that spend hours searching for each other RS 2007 Gold. It is okay as it is now. Yes. It is. There's no reason to going to a multi combat world if your skilling.

    In the time when the wilderness was at its peak in terms of activity it was akin to a food chain. Pkers and trainers could be hunted by unorganized, multi players teams (teams), smaller clans that were organized hunted while larger clans hunted each other.

    At the moment, there is no one to train you. I know of other locations that you could mine for rune, however the boneyard isn't in the vicinity. Even the deep wilderness in freeplay which I play in is probably as secure as any other part of the freeplay world.

    Jagex attempts to help clans with clan support stuff like clan chats. Jagex should focus on activities in the wilderness if they truly want to assist clans. Incentivize people such as trainers to go into the wild OSRS Gold For Sale. This could be in the form of experience benefits and perhaps additional training facilities.