Mission at the biggest port in runescape - Port Sarim

  • They were great initially and I was particularly impressed by the ability to click bosses and leave them or decant potions with 3 doses. One sentence however, really upset me RS3 Gold. "We have added a"Make-All' option ...... to include feathers on bolts. I was astonished when I log on to the site and instantly drew my Feathers and Adamant Bolts (unf). The Make-X window appeared after I attempted to fletch Adamantbolts. I teleported from Sumona to Sumona to purchase Broad Bolt tips. They were all nerfed.

    What is wrong with being able to flyitch bolts automatically? Bolts aren't able to be fletched while running or doing any other action. This means that there is no way to Fletch to be utilized when you're working on other skills. Before this update, Fletching could be trained using a wide range of other skills without significantly hurting XP rates. In between attacks, you can flytch and slay. You could run from one location to the next while you fletch. Flying could be used to lower the incredibly low rate of XP on Agility and Runecrafting.

    Fletching more than one set (10 bolts 15 Arrows) each 0.6 seconds is not feasible. In the past, it was possible to easily fletch 2 or 3 sets in a game. This raised the XP rate of fletching Bolts over Magic Longbows.

    A nerf is enough to be a problem, but Bolt fletching was hit twice during one update. What is the return on this "upgrade?" The ability to semi-afk train. We all want higher efficiency and greater effort. Why do we choose Sawmill or Teaks over Ivy Buy OSRS Fire Cape? Why should people who invest more time in training be penalized? Jagex promotes lazyness.