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  • I'll to ask Sals to first see if he'd be willing to record your resources, how long it took to acquire them 2007 RS Items, as well as the success rate you have in acquiring them. You don't need to go far to get certain things. We can just get enough people to assist us in gathering enough data to make charts.

    Is anyone willing? If you have other concerns, I'll be glad to provide an explanation. If I get an acceptable response, I'll change this thread to a Chart. After that, I'll begin gathering data to fill in the holes.

    This is a guide to earning money for members at the lowest level. Profit: +200k an hour. You can purchase the Camelot Teleport at Grand Exchange and then walk from Camelot towards Catherby. You can also walk all the way to Catherby however it will take much longer. Once you arrive in Catherby go to the house north (neighbor house). Enter through the front door. You will find a table with a small green thing at the southern end Buy OSRS Fire Cape. Take the green thing, which is insect repellent. In the event that you don't, bees could hurt you.

    Continue to the south (To the bank). You can turn west and find the beehives. The gate will open and you can access the building by opening it. Right-click on the beehive and choose "Take honey." Do this fast until you have 27 honey.