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  • A lot of people say that runescape is limited and real life will usually lead to more productive outcomes Old School RuneScape Gold, but they are not true in the sense that they. Teenagers who feel trapped in reality are the ones who commit suicide every single day. All people are incapable of living in the real life.

    What about those who don't have many choices? Runescape provides these people with opportunities they will not get in real life. Runescape allows them to become a clan leader and learn about friendship, share and collaborate with other players. Runescape doesn't need to be a narcotic. Many people play it to look for new opportunities.

    Runescape is equally good and bad. It is possible to be a clan leader to show true leadership that you can apply in real life. Runescape is filled with kids and adults. In real life it's impossible to be a leader of a clan that organizes 50+ adults.

    There are so many different types of definitions for addiction. You can call it gambling, alcohol or something else. Runescape is a type of drug. It's not a drug but rather an environment. You are able to control your own life, which some people believe is impossible. However, runescape gives you this control in certain circumstances. You can help your friend from the game by helping them in the wilderness, you can help your clan with sufficient motivation, however in reality, you're limited Buy RS Gold. This is the main difference between runescape and real life.