Madden was one of my most favorite games as a kid

  • The most recent version of the game added the ability to make characters and play at both high school and collegiate levels mut coins. It's superior to that, and even allowing players entire seasons on lower levels before moving into what's called Franchise mode, but with more narrative.

    Just a couple of weeks ago the Franchise Mode's scenarios engine was first introduced to players. It wasn't a big hit with fans. Many felt it was simply an attempt to give players "boosts" but it could be used as a tool to make critical decisions that could negatively impact their professional career.

    The idea of introducing scenarios which players need to consider could be a great option if done correctly. Rather than focus on rewarding the player with bonuses for stats, let it be that the choices affect the way the season goes. For instance, how the player can cope with less workload or suffer an injury to be healthy.

    It's weird that defensive and offensive coordinators haven't been the main aspect of the program for quite a while. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have three phenomenal coaches working together on the same sideline buy Madden 22 coins? Franchise Mode is known for hiring coaches who aren't involved with the team.