Runescape cannot avoid this fate

  • In a shorter time than you expected, you discovered that becoming a member has more perks then being an f2p participant OSRS Fire Cape. It was not permitted to pay for a month's play at $10-20 from your parents but that didn't hinder you from playing for free To Play. You would want to come back to Lumbridge but you don't know what to do, until after a few years.

    You then sent a message to your friend. He would be running back to you as a green dot on the mini-map. After clicking right, select your friend and press "Follow". In just a few minutes, you would be fighting again with cows and collecting cowhides in Lumbridge.

    After a few hours of training, you'll be able to meet people who lurk around and occasionally have conversations with them. Find out their origins, how long they have played Runescape and what their hobbies are. They could offer tips or even trick you into taking an excursion into the wilderness in order to kill you and steal all your inventory. It would be a heartbreaking experience as you'd have no idea what to do once you saw the message "Oh dear, you have passed away." and then returned back to Lumbridge.

    Lumbridge was well-known to you. However you only had three items before Buy Old School RuneScape Gold. Now you knew not to go to north and across the hedge to the "wildy". These experiences will teach you life lessons about not putting your faith in every person who gives you an offer that seems too good to be real.