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  • If I had to pick one 99 Prayer would be my choice. It's because, in 2006/07, as I was a beginner, I didn't expect to have the money to buy 99 Prayer. 99 Attack was also nice RS 2007 Gold, my first combat 99. A few of my accomplishments are related to PvP or clan-based PKing. Pre-EoC I thought I was an experienced F2P PKer. I was extremely happy to see my first gallery reach 100plus kills. My kills of 400-500ish ended up being posted here on Sal's.

    This was spread across three or four galleries, and numerous other subjects, including random kills. It led to old PvP members saying that I was Sal's top F2P PKer (this is why my RuneScape King title and Witch King titles are so special to me lol). It's not like I was doing anything special however I do take some pride in the compliments I get regarding my kills.

    In Sal's Clan Section Topic about the perfect clan, I was also chosen to be a part of several clan section user lists. It was something I was proud in since I was a low level combatant (105ish) at the time. I also received a compliment for my tanking in a 3xtermination vs Silverdawn (who was later DF’s leader) Some of their members said that whenever XshinobizX made a pile of me, he'd be angry and rant about the lack of binds to me, and the time it required to kill him.

    It's sad to see that this subject is no longer available. It was the first war in which I felt I had any impact. Even though we lost, it's okay. It was a very strange war Buy RuneScape Gold, I remember it was meant to be some kind of training/tank-test war for all clans that were involved. We did not fight at GDZ but within the Chaos Dwarves region instead.