Since this is the authority runescape update

  • Doesn't need to be raised, as there is no space to fill it. Oh my. I can forgive, and maybe If I'm amazed OSRS Fire Cape, I should thank Jagex for raising Constitution, Prayer, and Summoning to 120 in order to add new content. However, melee is too strong, and if they increase Magic or Rangeing, they will have to do melee too. What do you think? Will Jagex raise the cap on other abilities? Should they?

    The opening of the hidden resource-dungeons was exciting for me. If you can't locate every one of them, then the xp reward isn't that significant. But, there are certain areas that are extremely profitable. F2P is my sole option and I am unable to review F2P Dungeons.

    Edgville Hill giants - although not as crowded, it is an excellent dungeon. Cranador: I found this area to be very disappointing. It is filled with lesser demons and it looks exactly the same as the others. This one is stupid. Dwarven Mines is the newest F2P area. 13 coal, 3 silver and 6 mith. The surprise is that it includes a Bank! Dungeneering Peninsula is full of Maple and Willow trees. The new best plave for F2P woodcutting and firemaking.

    The one I'm going to talk about is in the mining guild. It is comprised of 2 rune ores, available at F2P. This is good or bad? The price of rune will drop from its previous value of 18k ore value. Is this good or bad? The rune won't be required to mine deep into the wilds. However the rune has lost its epic position as the most powerful metal and it is now almost impossible for miners to locate Buy OSRS Accounts. The guild is very busy although it was once uninhabited.