You wait a half hour for a NBA 2K21 match

  • Gatekeeping people from playing its not the thing to do. Guru am as of right now gives any excuse. No rewards and it requires a little to hunt the majority of the time to confront a team of rookies or all stars that get dismissed. You hit pro - bronze and you very rarely finds games then at certain times. All this am that are challenging NBA 2K21 MT. Not allowing parties in rec ruins the enjoyment for people who like playing with their buddies in rec and locate games while playing.

    Not everyone wants to play ace am. Rec can be used for warm ups to get into rec games. Thats the life span of a solo participant regrettably. You do not see people saying in call of duty to not allow teams in TDM or any sport mode and they should go to rated just because their coordinated. Once you hit Pro Bronze you need to reset your group. We're on our staff as a result of restricted matchmaking. Leagues were joined by us because we wanted competition but it sucks that it doesn't count for anything.

    I prefer playing with AI team mates, so should you feed them they make the right decisions and hit their shots. I do better if everyone quits, Jokes on the team if they attempt and triple team me, I am a pass big guy anyhow. I've made a lot of stacks mad when my teammates quit out after being buffoons first half lol. Regular 20 point comebacks, I take the scoring load and when they realize they have to double, the A.I. Is great for 50 percent of their shots (but decent lord they that additional 50% will always be a damn Early or Late not even marginally.) I really don't know how you're able to play with AI's. And when ur calling for the pass, then they are going up for some shot and then pass out of this shooter that 9/10 times ends up being a turnover.

    I wish the godamn AI's so that they have some clue to what they're doing would be fixed by 2K. I suppose both of those things have happened two or three times - passing into a big on the three line that hukks up a dumb shooter or accidentally calling to get a pass from some stupid AI guy mid shot only for him to send it flying out of bounds but for the most part I simply naturally play with a point forward kind of role and just move to wings open on the corner following their defenders been drawn off or a large when they are cutting to the hoop or composed up buy mt. I find NBA 2K21 rewards you for passing when you need to, and rewards the AI for shooting when it should. Yeah in that scenario playing AI hold onto the ball and pass with a purpose.