Jagex and players are able to meet up on forums to talk about R

  • My friend and I have compared notes. Apart from the fact that she's an advanced combat player RuneScape Gold 2007, it doesn't seem like we're doing anything differently. I was just informed by someone that although it isn't random, it can occur between 200 and 0 kills.

    This is more than twice what I've done in the past, and if you add the previous sessions, it's about 3-4 times more on basilisks. I have killed over 200 crawling heads without needing to use one or two, and have also climbed eight fishing levels while waiting for a big fish to come along. I've never had a thing to use in my skill room. Does it have to be me or is there something wrong with my life?

    I've seen people use this strategy in stake (or dueling) wears weak armour. The best "guns" or armour will be on display at the time that the stake (or duel), begins. You are the winner of the stake (or duel). Do you think this is a violation of any of runescape's rules...like fraud or corruption? I have no idea. I was just trying to find out whether I could benefit from it. It appears to be quite effective.

    What you need to know about the duel arena. It's an honorable sport and you cannot be dishonorable, cheat or try to escape from it. The word "any" is capitalized as it is. Cheat simply means to click the last option and hope that your opponent won't notice it Buy RuneScape Gold. Dishonor could be a bit complicated. You are trying to escape... Um I'm guessing by teleporting out or logout.