Players have won a trillion dollars in tribute on Path Of Exile

  • After the latest game Path Of Exile from Grinding Gear Games was released, we started to count data. Now, according to the second part of the "Grinding Gear Ceremony Statistics" report we saw, we see that players running Rituals have received 1 trillion tributes.

    Starting in mid-January this year, according to the first part of Grinding Gear’s Ritual Stats report, PoE players have started 624,332,098 ceremonies after adding the Ritual League function to the game. The report was released ten days ago. Since the beginning of the league, 20,139,745 ceremonies have been run every day.

    According to this week's report, we can count that PoE vendors have still not stopped their progress so far.

    A new challenge that requires up to three rituals in each area in the game is called Ritual Alliance. After activating the ritual altar, a group of enemies made a brief attack in the circular area around the altar. You can end the ritual and complete all the rituals in the area after all the enemies in the area are completely defeated by you. You can purchase the menu through the POE Currency tribute obtained by completing the ritual, and then unlock the menu.

    This can be addictive. You can get better rewards with the POE Currency Buy more ceremonies you complete. In the courtesy circle, you will also encounter stronger enemies. The etiquette you need to complete will also become more and more challenging.

    Buy POE Currency

    Your 1,313,156,248,242 tribute will become meaningful after you complete all these rituals. The free hack and slash MOR only ran for a month. Players need to purchase POE Currency on Path Of Exile, then they can try to log in to the IGGM website.