Additionally it would be wonderful to have optional flair

  • It is a catchy subject to navigate because of the long term playing feature of Animal Crossing New Horizons Items the game. I appreciate seeing all options & opinions on the topic, so thank you for sharing yours. I hope that the mods can find a solution which works best for everyone.

    I think some kind of spoiler tag would be fine. Understanding stuff early is good for a few, but it ruins any excitement I have for an event or brand new item. The allure in events for me personally is that the puzzle prizes, so if they aren't a mystery the event only becomes a chore to find stuff I already know about.

    Others I believe are fine because it stands today. Though if memorial articles become more common, another subreddit? I believe that it's called may be a wonderful idea.

    "Spoiler" tag requirements often seem to turn into criticizing/piling on users who time traveling about how they are enjoying the game"incorrect," which to me is counter to the spirit of this community and this game.

    1 issue I have had with rules is that I had a post auto-removed, I don't understand why, and when I inquired why it was auto-removed I got no answer. If this community is going to use auto-removal I hope we could at least tell people why posts are removed?

    Additionally it would be wonderful to have optional flair for hours and/or months played. A whole lot of new players came on over the holidays and it was occasionally difficult to figure out how to pitch answers when I could not tell if someone was playing the sport for weeks or even a couple of days.

    It's also kind of annoying that dreams are relegated into the sticky thread, so there are constant boring/similar picture posts (villager photographs or gold tools are trendy accomplishments, but seeing them happen to someone else for the 100th time can be a parting ) and more involved/creative jobs like island-wide quests are concealed in a thread that has little interaction.

    I'd love to see flair for photoshopped screenshots. If they're an obvious meme/juxtaposition like Bernie sitting in your plaza, but should you photoshop on wings to your outfit, put an impossible thing on buy Animal Crossing Items a table, or change the color of a non-customizable item it ought to be flagged so individuals will not be disappointed if they can't replicate it in-game.