What's the Types of Leisure Chair

  • There are several factors to consider when shopping for an indoor Leisure Chair . You’ll want to choose one that fits the style and aesthetic of your space and that best suits your seating needs.

    Main Usage of Lounge Chairs

    As the name implies, lounge chairs are used for lounging and leisure. They’re not designed for work or productivity, but rather, relaxation. As such, they’re seldom found in even the most progressive business environments and these days, are most often found in homes in developed nations.

    Different Types of Lounge Chairs

    As mentioned at the start, the term “lounge chair” has morphed and changed over time, so that today, if we abided by the strictest definition of the term, some chairs that self-identify as loungers (like the Eames Lounge Chair) would not meet the strictest definition of the term.

    Chaise Lounges

    Translated literally, this means “Long Chair” and is best described as a lounge chair that’s long enough to stretch out completely on without having to use an ottoman.

    Arm Chairs & Recliners

    ​Armchairs are simple, padded chairs with two arms. You can certainly still find them, but they’ve long been eclipsed by recliners, which are more versatile and in general, more comfortable.

    Club Chairs

    Club Chairs inspired the Eames Lounge Chair. These chairs can be identified by their low backs and deep seats and gained popularity in English Gentlemen’s Clubs in the 18th Century.

    Wing Chairs

    These stand in stark contrast with club chairs and are noted for their high backs and “wings” which are designed to keep drafts of air from the sitter’s back. Most are overstuffed and incredibly comfortable. They gained popularity in English Gentlemen’s Clubs in the 19th Century.

    Poolside Loungers

    In addition to these, you could also consider lounge chairs designed for outdoor use or poolside loungers to be a distinct subcategory.

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